What is Going on in Gainesville?


Gators QB Jeff Driskel who has missed the last 8 games
Gators QB Jeff Driskel who has missed the last 8 games

Recently, the Florida Gators football team has absolutely come crumbling down. After a solid 4-1 start, the team has lost 6 straight to LSU, Missouri, Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Georgia Southern. Yes, I said Georgia Southern. The Gators struggles are a combination of injuries, bad coaching, and an ultimate lack of talent and depth. The Gators will miss a bowl game for the first time since 1990. Florida’s final game in this awful season is against Florida State, the Gators long time rival, and current number 2 in the nation. The game will likely be over before half.

The Gators have been absolutely decimated by injuries at key spots. Starting QB Jeff Driskel, and his backup Tyler Murphy are both injured. Driskel went down during the Tennessee game back in September, and Murphy has missed the last two games. That has left the starting job to freshman Skylar Mornhinweg. The Gators are down leading rusher Matt Jones to a torn meniscus. Leading receiver Andre Dubose has missed all season. Offensive linemen D.J. Humphries and Tyler Moore are out. On defense, the Gators best player Dominique Easley, has not played since early October due to a torn ACL. Michael Taylor and Alex Anzalone both went down last week vs. Georgia Southern.  In the secondary, Marcus Roberson has missed time and Nick Washington has not played since game number 3. A total of 21 scholarship players have missed games due to injury, including 12 starters total. It doesn’t matter what school you are, having as many injuries as Florida has had are tough to overcome.

Florida’s coaching staff has been mediocre this season. The offensive coordinator, Brent Pease, has struggled with the play calling. Someone on the offensive line always seems to miss an assignment, blowing up the play. Defensively, the Gators have been inconsistent, committing stupid penalties, and allowing big plays. Even in the beginning of the season, before the Gator players began dropping like flies, Florida struggled mightily on offense at Miami, with 5 turnovers. Many Gators fans want to see head coach Will Muschamp out as head coach. They are frustrated with all of the injuries and awful play, and are not used to seeing the Gators miss bowls and lose six in a row.

Looking ahead, Florida is most likely going to be blown out by Florida State. They are down to second and even third string guys at every position. They still are the University of Florida, and were just 1 Notre Dame loss away from the BCS National Championship last season. Whether Will Muschamp or some other guy is head coach, the Gators will be a threat in the SEC once again next season.


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