US Open Mens Singles Review

Now that we have had some time to look back at the events that occurred at the US Open, I think now is a good time to express my opinion.  The men’s singles had some ups and downs, the surprises, and some drama, but most of all; it had its deserving winner.

Rafael Nadal is the best player in the world right now.  Please put rankings aside.  Rafa went into the US Open undefeated during the hard court season, so he was the automatic favorite to win the Open.  Another reason he was a favorite was because of his easy draw.  Rafael’s hardest match (not including the finals) was against Germany’s Phillip Kohlschreiber.  Even then, he only dropped one set.   Because of his health, Rafa played differently then he usually does.  Rafa was way more aggressive and took it earlier rather then just returning it back.  Rafael Nadal also was able to grind out points.  That’s what he did against Djokovic in the finals.  Rafael controlled that match, and that’s why he one his 13th career grand slam.

Novak Djokovic did not play his best tennis in the second week of this year’s US Open.  Through the first week, not only did he not lose a set, he wasn’t broken on his serve.   You saw a decrease in his playing during his match against Mikhall Youzhny.  Also, not to take away credit towards Wawrinka, but Novak played terrible.  Novak should of crushed him.  Novak Djokovic lost the finals because Rafa played better, and Novak wasn’t mentally tough enough.  After losing the 3rd set, his attitude was terrible.  His whole persona changed.  Novak is still ranked 1 in the world, despite losing in the finals for a second straight year.

Andy Murray.  He was the biggest shock of the tournament.  I actually had him winning the tournament in my bracket.  But he was having an off day.  Even so, it is unacceptable to lose to Wawrinka in straight sets, especially when you are the defending champion.  Maybe we should’ve seen this coming.  Nobody expected him to have dropped a set to Mayer and Istomin.  Maybe, it was more then just a bad day.  Also, you would think Andy would have some momentum after winning Wimbledon.  But, he couldn’t repeat as US Open Men’s Singles champion.  Andy Murray has a lot of thinking to do before the year-end championships in London.  Luckily Andy Murray has an experienced coach who knows what’s its like to be in that position.  Hopefully, the Murray we all know and hate comes back strong.

Let’s understand one thing.  Roger Federer is the best player in the history of tennis.  He is 4 years out of his prime and is still considered a top 5 players.  It’s a shock when he loses to someone who is younger then him.  He is the GOAT.  But, I don’t understand how he lost to Tommy Robredo.  They are maybe a year apart, so the age isn’t an excuse.  Roger did something that are starting to see more of.  Roger beat himself that match.  Tommy Rebredo didn’t win that match, Roger just lost it.  So disappointing, but amazing how people are still shocked when he loses.

This last paragraph will be about the American men who played in this tournament, and disgraced its country.  The fact that not one American could make it to the 4th round is pathetic.  I am shocked that US tennis did this badly at its own stadium.   John Isner is the best American, but when you can’t be a guy who is ranked 9 spots lower then you, something is wrong.  The USTA has to change its ways of bringing up players, other wise it won’t get better.

Overall, this years US Open was average.  It had some exciting matches, but a lot of the top players weren’t playing there best tennis.  Next is the Australian Open in 4 month.


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