The Magic of the Beards

9 months ago, if you were asked where the Red Sox would be in September in terms of standings, you may have said last place. Yet, the Boston Red Sox have defied odds after playing one of the worst seasons in over 40 years and now hold the best record in baseball with less than two weeks left until the playoffs.

When the season started, the Red Sox were off to a hot start. Yet, even then, sports analysts still believed that the Red Sox would fade away by June. That was not the case. They have been in first place at least once every month and they now hold a 9 game lead in front of the second place team, the Tampa Bay Rays. So, how could a team that was one of the worst teams to becoming one of the best teams in just one year?

Many people think that the Sox are lucky and that by the time the playoffs roll around, they will fall apart and be quickly eliminated. Others say that great general managing by Ben Cherington and great Managing by John Farrell have helped the Sox become some a great club. Yet, others have another theory, a goofy one, but it is still fun to think about.

Their beards. Nearly 3/4 of the Boston Red Sox team has beards. Whenever I have gone to watch a Sox game at a Restaurant, there would always be some little kid who would look at their mommy or daddy and say, “whoa, that guy has a big beard!”

It started off with a few guys. Whether it was Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes with those big, bushy beards. Or if it was John Lackey and Clay Buchholz with a thin beard. Growing a beard for the Red Sox has become a thing. People are now coming up with different slogans for this years Red Sox such as, “got beard?” Or, “Fear the Beard.” Now, whenever a Red Sox player hits a home run, every Red Sox player tugs on their beard (if they have one). This has become a habit since the All Star break. Now the Red Sox are allowing the fans to join in on all of the bearded fun as on Wednesday September 18th, the Red Sox had a special beard night where all fans who have a real, fake, or painted beard may could go to the Red Sox game for only $1. And even when someone pays full price now, you can still see people where fake beards in the stands. The beards some of the Sox players weird may look ugly, but if it helps the Red Sox win games, they should continue this bearded fashion.

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