The Eagles Roster

With only 62 players left on the Eagles roster, Chip Kelly has some tough decisions to make regarding who to keep and who to cut as they need to let go of 9 players before Saturday night’s deadline. Here are the 9 players I believe will not wear Eagles green this season unless they go to the practice squad:

1. WR Russell Shepard Up until last night I thought maybe Shepard could sneak onto the team as a bench warmer, but then I saw Matt Barkley throw one of the best passes he’s thrown all preseason to Shepard and he let it go right through his hands.  I know you cannot judge a player on a single play, but those passes are what separate the mediocre, 3rd String wide receivers from the clutch, play-making wide receivers.  Cutting him would be a shame because of his great start to camp, but when you don’t get many grabs in the preseason, you aren’t destined to get very far.  Unfortunately I think the LSU grad will not be in Eagles green this year.  With all that said, he will be invited to the practice squad this season.

2. OLB Jake Knott

At one point last season he was leading the Big-12 in tackles but he injured his shoulder and he really has never been the same player since which is a shame because he looked good in the few games I saw of him but now he has shoulder problems which isn’t good for a defensive player that consistently leads with his shoulder. I can most likely count on one hand how many times I’ve heard his name while listening to the Eagles game. It also didn’t help his cause when Emmanuel Acho had a huge game against the Jets

3.  ILB Chris McCoy

Chris McCoy is kind of the odd-man out  in the Eagles Defense as I am surprised he is still here because he really didn’t light it up in his few weeks at camp and he really hasn’t made a name for himself here, but I still think that he is a decent fit for the Eagles.  Unfortunately he really has gone unrecognized as he doesn’t even have a biography or stats on his page on the Eagles website.  Publicity is everything and when his name isn’t heard that much, then fans don’t know him and coaches think he doesn’t make many plays.  Therefore I believe his days are numbered.

4. G Danny Watkins

Watkins has been an absolute bust after being drafted in the 1st round by the Eagles by Andy Reid back in 2011.  He’s battled injuries and hasn’t been good since he joined the time which is a shame because he was once thought as the future of the Eagles.  The only reason I see to keep Watkins on the roster is because of how much money is owned to the 1st round bust. He’s owed about 2 Million dollars if he would be cut by the Eagles.

5. RDE Damion Square

Square is not really a player that is necessary for the  Philadelphia Eagles to carry on the roster as he is listed as a fifth string defensive end and the third string right defensive end on the Eagles which doesn’t help him very much.  He will most likely be offered a spot on the practice squad in this upcoming season and I will probably be talking about him next year at this time.

6. CB Curtis Marsh

At one point he was thought as the number 2 cornerback on the Eagles and then he began falling after a bad camp and then he fractured his hand.  Marsh’s luck over the last two months has been terrible.  He played bad and then got hurt which puts his job in jeopardy after Jordan Poyer had a great camp.  Marsh who is known around the Eagles as the typical 4th string corner will most likely be shown the door Saturday night.

7. RT Michael Bamiro

There are three offensive lineman fighting for the final spot on the offensive line and I think Matt Tobin has won the job over Danny Watkins and Bamiro. Bamiro hasn’t doesn’t terrible but I haven’t seen anything special in him like I’ve seen in Tobin.  He will most likely be picked up around this time next year to give rookies a battle for their spot so he may sneak on next year.

8. S David Sims

I think Sims loses his spot to Kurt Coleman and Earl Wolff because I like the way they play special teams while Sims isn’t very good. Also Coleman’s big game against the Jets propelled him to a roster spot as he showed versatility when he played cornerback in the game.  David Sims hasn’t caught my eye and I think he will be invited back to play on the practice squad this season.

9. S Colt Andersen

He was able to keep a roster spot because he was a special teams player, but he doesn’t have what it takes to make it past this year.  I think he will make a roster in the near future, but he will not be effective.

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