The Decisive Game…

The MLB Playoffs are here which means you have survived the long (and sometimes torturous) MLB season.  It has been an extremely exciting and fun postseason to watch so far and it also has proven me pretty smart so far.  Predictions I did for friends and family had the following picks:

Division Series:

Pirates over Cardinals in 5 games

Dodgers over Braves in 3 games

Red Sox over Rays in 4 games

Tigers over Athletics in 5 games

Championship Series:

Dodgers over Pirates in 5 games

Red Sox over Tigers in 7 games

World Series:

Dodgers over Red Sox in 7 games?

Sure I made some bold predictions, but I’m not one to pick the favorites.  Many people thought I was crazy for taking the Dodgers all the way, but I think they are still playing red hot baseball and can beat almost every MLB team.  Tonight my prediction accuracy can be killed by the Pirates and Cardinals Game 5.  That leads me into my next subject which is the word “clutch” and that applies greatly to the Pirates and Cardinals game tonight.  Certain fans and analysts believe clutch doesn’t exist in this world and players simply get lucky when the come up in the big situation.  I completely DISAGREE with this statement as some players shy away from the big plays and miss the opportunity.  Guys like Miguel Cabrera hit .447 with runners in scoring position and 2 outs and an OPS that can increase by over 250 points in those situations.  This isn’t by accident, he just gets better and better as the games go on and turns it up a notch when his team needs him.  Many guys simply want to be in that situation and some don’t and that’s the first cut to being clutch.  The second and final cut is that you have to consistently produce in those situations.  A single hit can be clutch, but if you keep getting those hits then that makes you a clutch player. And to close this article out, I’m giving you my clutch players of the Divisional Series clutch players:

Pirates vs. Cardinals: Andrew McCutchen, Pirates CF

Athletics vs. Tigers: Justin Verlander, Tigers P

All stats came from and


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