Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

As this year of college basketball is coming to a close for most teams, it’s time to look at who should go for the draft.  The 6 freshman this year that have a major decision on their hands are Andrew Wiggins, Tyler Ennis, Aaron Gordon, Joel Embiid, Julius Randle and Jabari Parker.  Now, these men have an important decision on their hands.  They have to make the choice on whether they should stay another year in college basketball, or forgo their sophomore year and head straight for the cash in the NBA.  I am here to help them decide which path they should take.

Andrew Wiggins

From the start Andrew Wiggins said that he would only stay one year at Kansas.  Now, people do change their minds, but I doubt that will happen here. I think he will leave and should leave.  This guy is so athletic and in my opinion, much better than any of the other freshmen on this list.  With his improving defensive skills and his gifted athleticism there is no doubt he is ready for the big leagues.  In addition, he also made remarks saying that he wants to be the number one overall pick, and I feel this year might be his best shot.  Why risk another season playing for free, when you are ready to compete against the best players in the world?

Tyler Ennis

If you asked me my opinion on whether this man should leave or not two months ago, I would have a very different answer.  But after Syracuse’s struggles lately, I think that Tyler Ennis should stay in college basketball.  Tyler’s turnovers have been increasing ever since their loss the Boston College and he is not playing well in all of these games, with an exception of the last 2 minutes of each game.  Last night, the Orange lost to Dayton in the round of 32.  Ennis missed two crucial baskets that would of won the game, or tied the game for Syracuse.  He also made a boneheaded turnover with less than 2 minutes left in the game.  Tyler Ennis needs to stay to get more basketball experience.  He has to be able to play well the whole game, not just the last two minutes (although those are the 2 most important minutes).  Tyler, do yourself and Orange fans a favor, and stay another year in upstate New York.

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon is ready to go to the pros.  Whether you like him or not, he has a great post game and plays exceptional defense.  He makes his teammates better players and he turned the average Arizona basketball team into a contender for the National Championship.  Gordon resembles a young Blake Griffin in his defense, post moves, heart, and unfortunately his foul shooting.  Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Joel Embiid

Earlier this year, I felt the Embiid could leave Kansas or stay and either scenario would be fine.  In mid Feburary I felt that he should definitely stay to work on his shooting and his teamwork.  But here in late March, I now believe he should go to the pros.  Listen, his knee injury could be more serious than people might think and therefore I believe that he shouldn’t risk playing another year in college to potentially damage his knee more.  Joel Embiid is the number one pick in most mock drafts and he reminds some people of Hakeem Olajuwon.  I don’t think he will be that good, I think he will be more like a Tyson Chandler, a great defender and but just an average player besides that.  Joel, please leave because it would be so unfortunate if you stayed an got hurt again.

Julius Randle

There is no doubt this man has had a very disappointing year at Kentucky.  Randle should stay to work on his overall game.  He needs work in all areas, especially his mid-range shooting.  However, I think Randle will leave Kentucky and head for the big stage in the NBA.  Randle wants to leave and show that he is just as good as Wiggins and Parker, but I think that the best way to do that is to stay in college.  Agree to Disagree.

Jabari Parker

This is probably the second easiest choice besides Wiggins; Parker will and should stay at Duke.  Parker wants to stay and after losing in the round of 64 to Mercer, Parker can’t leave with a disappointment like that.  I believe that if you go to Duke, you have to stay for two years, because you might not get to play for a coach like Coach K ever again and you should NOT take it for granted.  Coach K has helped Parker improve tremendously making him more of a team player than he was in high school.  Also Parker is more than just a basketball player as he is also a very smart person so even if basketball doesn’t work out, he has many other great back ups that he will excel in.  Jabari will kill it next year.

So those are the 6 freshmen and what they should do in their future.  If all of these men leave college it could be the last year freshmen have that option.  Regardless, these men are the best class of freshmen we have seen in a long, long time.

-Ian Capell


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