Ranking the Worst Super Bowl teams

The Super Bowl is on the verge and while both these teams will be remembered, there are teams that really just stunk up the game. Here’s my top 5 worst Super Bowl teams:

5.) 2002 Oakland Raiders
Coach: Bill Callahan
Notable Players: Rich Gannon, Charles Woodson
The 2002 Raiders got demolished by the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 37. The Raiders only rushed for 19 yards and Rich Gannon threw five interceptions. Regardless if Tampa made it, Oakland’s worst Super show was here, and the game proved it.

4.) 1994 San Diego Chargers
Coach: Bobby Ross
Notable Players: Stan Humphries
The Chargers fell to Steve Young and the 49ers 49-26. The Chargers had a solid 11-5 regular season but won their two playoff games by less than six points. Stan Humphries was no match for first year starter Steve Young who helped put San Diego on this list.

3.)1996 New England Patriots
Coach: Bill Parcells
Notable Players: Drew Bledsoe, Terry Glenn, Willie McGinnest
The Patriots fell to the Packers by only two touchdowns, but the defense allowed Brett Favre to have his game, and Desmond Howard to go for a total 117 return yards, and closed the gap with a 99 yard kick return. Drew Bledsoe also blew several crucial opportunities.

2.) 1978 LA Rams
Coach: Ray Malavassi
Notable Players: Vince Ferragamo
The LA Rams lone Super Bowl appearance went quiet as they fell to the Steel Curtain 31-19. Vince Ferragamo went 15 for 25 with 212 yards and only one interception. Terry Bradshaw, John Stalworth and Lynn Swann also had big games to silence the Rams.

1.) 1985 New England Patriots
Coach: Raymond Berry
Notable Players: Tony Eason, Irving Fryar
The Patriots fell to Chicago 46-10. The Patriots had a weak defense anchored by LB Andre Tippett, but backed by names like Julius Adams and Steve Nelson. Tony Eason had a horrendous game and the Pats’ only touchdown was scored by backup QB Steve Grogan.

So who else could have been on the list? I was considering the 05′ Seahawks, 03′ Panthers, and 86′ Broncos but those teams put up a fight. While Buffalo lost four Super Bowls, they put on a show and had hall of fame stars on all four teams. It’s actually interesting to see the defeats at times because they have had a hall of fame player or two. Despite losing by 36, Andre Tippett was inducted into the hall of fame. Charles Woodson eventually got a ring. Bledsoe and McGinnest got rings the second time around when the Pats brought in Brady and Belichick. So in conclusion I hope you learned some things about the quiet Super Bowl teams, but I can guarantee you that this year’s Seahawks and Broncos will not be on the list.

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