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This 2013-2014 season has been a nightmare sent from hell, for James Dolan and the New York Knicks.  The Knicks, who won the Atlantic Division last year and had only 28 losses already have 29 this season.  They are 2 games away from the last position in the playoffs.  Last night they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, who were missing O.J Mayo and only had 8 wins before last night.  With the trade deadline coming up, many trade rumors have surfaced.  Some contain Carmelo Anthony, others don’t.  Here are my 5 possible trades for the Knicks before the February 20th trade deadline and yes, they all fit financially.

New York Knicks trade Iman Shumpert, A’mare Stoudemire, J.R. Smith, and Raymond Felton to the Celtics for Kris Humphries, Rajon Rondo, and Gerald Wallace

The Knicks are losing a lot here, but they aren’t losing as much as you think.  J.R Smith and Felton have got to go.  They are a waste as J.R. just chucks up the ball and Felton constantly gets hurt or turns over the ball.  As a Knick fan that watches every game, realizes that Smith and Stat are getting better, but J.R. is so unreliable and Stat is way over paid.  Iman Shumpert is a very promising player, but doesn’t do anything offensively and constantly gets into foul trouble.

Rajon Rondo is a true point guard who knows how to open up the court.  He also could help convince Melo to stay in the Empire State.  Humphries replaces Stat, putting a big body underneath to help out Tyson.  Wallace doesn’t do much for the Knicks, but he is a bad contract that the Celtics desperately want to get rid of, which is huge for a rebuilding team.

New York Knicks trade Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert and Beno Udrich to the Thunder for Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins, and Hasheem Thabeet

Again, the Knicks trade for a superstar point guard.  Russell Westbrook would do wonders to the New York Knicks.  He is young, passes, fast, and is promising.  In other words, GIVES CARMELO A REASON TO STAY.  Russell Westbrook gives the Knicks for options then Felton could ever do.  Kendrick and Thabeet give the Knicks some interior defense (I understand Kendrick is bad, but he is very big) and they give the Knicks a greater chance to keep the play going!

The Thunder loose a very mediocre Kendrick Perkins for a defensive minded, and rebound-hungry Tyson Chandler.  Chandler and Ibaka down underneath would be dynamite.  Iman is very promising, and defensive minded who could fill the shooting guard role, the Thunder have been searching for since James Harden.  Felton can help the young, Reggie Jackson and Beno is a great back up point guard.

New York Knicks trade Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. to the Milwaukee Bucks for Miroslav Raduljica and a 2014 1st Round Draft Pick

            This is a very risky trade for the New York Knicks and even the Bucks.  The Knicks don’t have a first round draft pick for another 4 years, and they desperately need one.  This year is one of the most anticipated drafts in a long time, and this could mean the Knicks getting a future super star.  The Bucks are the worst in the NBA, which means the Knicks would get a higher pick.  Miroslav Raduljica would just be in there for financial purposes.

Iman Shumpert has proven he could keep up with elite point guards defensively and Tim Hardaway Jr. has been proving lately that he could become all-stars in the future.   Both would bring a struggling Bucks team from a laughing stock to just a bad team.

New York Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony and Andrea Bargnani to the Chicago Bulls for Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Erik Murphy and 2016 1st round draft pick.

            Knick fans have to realize that there is a good chance that Carmelo won’t want to stay.  If they trade him in this deal, the Knicks are getting a lot back.  They are getting an all-star in Joakim Noah, a man who puts his heart on the court night after night, which is somehow there biggest problem. Carlos Boozer who is streaky but can be a very effective player.  Also, the Knicks would love another 1st round draft pick.

Carmelo Anthony has proved his critics that he is a superstar in the NBA, and when D-Rose gets healthy, this can be a deadly combo.  Carmelo could make this team a major contender if they aren’t even one now.  Bargnani is a lot better than people give him credit for, and can fill Boozer’s spot in the line up.

New York Knicks trade Iman Shumpert to the Orlando Magic for Tobias Harris and the Nugget’s 2014 1st round draft pick.

Tobias Harris is been considered one of the most promising small forwards on ESPN.com.   Born and raised in New York, Tobias would adapt well to the New York lifestyle and is only getting better.  The Knicks would also get a 2014 draft pick they need.  Giving up Iman Shumpert won’t be as big of a deal for the Knicks when they are getting a promising future.

The Magic can develop Oladipo as a point guard and have him play along side Iman Shumpert. An Oladipo-Shumpert-Affalo-Davis-Vucevic would be a pretty strong lineup in a rather weak Eastern Conference.   Iman Shumpert is a very promising player who is also adaptable.

Hopefully the Knicks can turn this nightmare season around.  Let me know what you think about my potential trades in the comment section below or tweet at me @icapell98.

-Ian Capell

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