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One of the most underrated aspects of high school sporting events is the snack stand experience parents, students, and athletes receive while participating in any athletic event. Snack stands are often the first sight the opposing school’s athletes and fans see when they walk into any given school, and it is important that the snack stand provides everyone with the opportunity to properly nourish their bodies, as well as provide a glimpse of the cultural pride of the school.

Throughout this past basketball season, myself and Brendan Stanton, fellow assistant basketball coach at Perkiomen Valley High School, rated each school in the Pioneer Athletic Conference on their snack stand throughout the course of the season, to provide this list for future use and knowledge.

Factors that went into determining the rankings: appeal to the eye, price/deals, snack + drink selection, and quality of stomach stuffers.

Note: The phrase stomach stuffers is used to define any food item that can act as a main entree of any meal purchased at a snack stand.

1. Boyertown Area High School

Spring-Ford had the number one spot for most of the season, but then Boyertown came in with the late steal, taking the top seed right out of the hands of the Rams. Boyertown brought it when it came to the production out of the snack stand this year. Along with the countless drink and snack choices, Boyertown delivered with the diversity and quality of their stomach stuffers. The options for stomach stuffers included Pumpkin Chili, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Noodle Soup, a Roast Beef Sandwich, Hot Dogs, and Walking Tacos. One participating or attending a game at Boyertown does not even have to eat before arriving, as they will have the world’s pantry at their disposal. In terms of pricing deals, Boyertown offers chips for only 50 cents a bag, and every option is below three dollars (unless one wants to add chili to the walking taco).

2. Spring-Ford High School

Tough luck for Spring-Ford getting the top spot stolen from them at the end of the season, but they still finished with the second best snack stand in the PAC-10. Overall, the Rams provide a solid snack stand for all in attendance. The appearance of the snack stand gives a superb first impression on behalf of the school, as one approaches the snack stand, their eyes lay on a plethora of Spring-Ford championships. Along with the standard hot dog, the Rams also serve a meatball sub as a stomach stuffer to bring together the large quantity of options in terms of snacks and drinks.

3. Pottsgrove High School

If these rankings were compared to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Pottsgrove’s snack stand would be the Gonzaga Bulldogs – a small school with high performance. The Falcons definitely have the sleeper snack stand of the PAC-10, as they deliver a sharp production in snacks and drinks, while offering customer-friendly deals with chips going for 50 cents a bag, and high-level drinks such as Gatorade only selling for a dollar, compared to the two dollars Gatorade usually goes for at other schools. Pottsgrove’s down side falls into the hands of their stomach stuffers. One can get a hot dog, but that is it; however, the Falcons may be incorporating nachos starting next year.

4. Methacton High School

The boy’s PAC-10 champions also came to play off the court. Methacton offers all variety of Skittles, along with home-made baked goods that include brownies and cookies. The Warriors provide the best stomach stuffer out of any PAC-10 school in Chick-fil-A sandwiches. The only problem is, they charge $4.50 per sandwich, which is an absurd price that could blow the entire portion of a person’s wallet dedicated to snacking. While pricing is a significant knock to the overall snack stand, unlimited Chick-fil-A sauce packets are provided with the purchase of a sandwich, creating an element of customer appreciation.

5. Perkiomen Valley High School

Perkiomen Valley’s snack stand can be compared to NBA center Enes Kanter. The third overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft out of Kentucky has been average at best up to this point in his career, and still has untapped potential in his game which is exactly the case with the Vikings’ snack stand. Standard pricing and options are offered by Perkiomen Valley’s snack stand, with a touch of baked goods on top of the snack and drink selections. The stomach stuffer combination of pizza and hot dogs adds consistency to the Vikings’ snack stand, giving it the edge to finish in the top five, with potential to be top three next season.

6. Owen J. Roberts High School

The biggest knock on Owen J would have to be the lack of soft pretzels. Soft pretzels are snack stand royalty, and without them, can you really call yourself a snack stand? What Owen J lacks in soft pretzels they make up for with their selection of stomach stuffers, snacks, and drinks. The Wildcats sell sausage and burgers, but pricing is a tad sketchy at two dollars for the sausage and three for the burger (plus an additional 50 cents for cheese). Owen J also gets points for originality and boldness, selling Powerade beverages over the mainstream Gatorade. With improvements, Owen J could find themselves in the top five.

7. Phoenixville Area High School

Incorporating the school colors into the snack stand gives off an excellent appeal to the eye for any customer. The Phantoms have one of the best snack stands in the PAC-10 in terms of appearance, but they lack the fire power in the other factors to be ranked any higher than seven.

8. Pottstown High School

Pottstown, much like Phoenixville, lacks the fire power in snack and drink selection, and stomach stuffers to be ranked close to the top five. Phoenixville’s edge over Pottstown on the list comes from the appeal to the eye. While the Trojans have an appealing snack stand, it does not reach the level that Phoenixville’s appeal is at.

9. Upper Perkiomen High School

Selling soft pretzels from a local soft pretzel shop as opposed to pretzels from the Philly Pretzel Factory, gives Upper Perk an edge over Pope John Paul II. Upper Perk is basic in all factors for the rankings, and has no price deals to team-up with the original soft pretzels to place the Tribe higher in the rankings. (We are in no way, shape, or form knocking the quality of pretzels from Philly Pretzel Factory. We are just suggesting that it is more bold of Upper Perk to go with pretzels from a local store, as opposed to the popular one.)

10. Pope John Paul II High School

Pope John Paul II finds their snack stand at the bottom of the list simply because every other school beats them in some capacity. The other school’s towards the bottom in Phoenixville and Pottstown beat out PJP in terms of overall selection and appearance; and Upper Perk nods PJP with the original soft pretzels, as the Golden Panthers provide soft pretzels from the mainstream Philly Pretzel Factory.

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  1. The fact that you ranked Phoenixville #7 just speaks to your stupidity. We have made major improvements in the fall 2014 season that you were clearly to bias to even acknowledge.

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