Non-Stop NFL Week 2: Moving On At QB

Non-Stop NFL is a new weekly article that will focus on a specific topic that has to do with current events occurring  in the National Football League and give analysis on previous and future activity in the NFL in regards to the offseason. This week, the focus will be on three teams that need a change at quarterback in the NFL.

The NFL is a business, whether fans like to admit it or not, almost anyone can be traded or released at any time (just ask Eagles’ fans) and this includes franchise quarterbacks.  This article will consist of three quarterbacks and teams that should split ways as soon as possible.

1) Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins

Honestly, I never thought that a quarterback could create more drama in the nation’s capitol then our dysfunctional congress.  Somehow RG3 has managed to consistently be a distraction and a huge storyline in DC during the past two seasons for the Redskins.  Coach Jay Gruden even said on Saturday that he wants the Redskins to move the former Rookie of the Year to another team. I don’t blame him as Griffin seems to be a broken down running quarterback who can easily be replaced.  In 9 games last season, Griffin only managed to throw 4 touchdowns and had 6 interceptions.  With one of the best receiving cores he could ask for in DC, Griffin shouldn’t be putting up those kinds of numbers. Besides his declining passing, RG3 has proved that the running skill that set him apart is as good as gone. The past two seasons for Griffin have only yielded 1 rushing TD and 5 rushes of more than 20 yards (he had 8 in his rookie year alone).  Finally, Griffin has lost control of the locker room and is no longer viewed as the franchise guy who is the leader of the team.  This lack of confidence hurts the team as a whole and shows that everyone would benefit from Robert Griffin’s movement to another team.

2) Geno Smith and the New York Jets

The nerve of this guy really bothers me. Like really, really makes me despise him. It takes a lot of gut to insult the guy who drafted you, stuck with you, and ultimately lost his job trying to keep your job. Geno Smith took a shot at Rex Ryan earlier in the offseason and that was unacceptable for a struggling quarterback.  Smith’s attitude and poor play combined would be reason enough to take him off my team.  HIs incapability to work well with Eric Decker also is a good reason for the Jets to move on.  If I were the GM of the New York Jets, I would wait until the later rounds and draft another quarterback and fully develop him to overtake Geno Smith.

3) Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints

You are probably sitting and staring at your screen saying “Whaaaat?”, but let me fully explain this one before you go crazy.  Sean Payton and Drew Brees have no doubt worked wonderful together for many years, but change is on the horizon.  Jimmy Graham and a few others have already left town, leaving Brees with few toys to play with in the upcoming season.  Not many believe that this Saints team can compete for a Super Bowl and when you begin to get into the seniority that Drew Brees has entered, getting rings is extremely important.  This will not happen in the next few years in New Orleans.  Also, Brees’ stats have fallen over the past few seasons which leads many to believe that he is declining.  In reality, the numbers that Brees put up a few years ago were outstanding and the comparisons are not totally valid.  However, in order to avoid another season in which Brees’ stats drop, a change is needed.  Maybe, the Jets trade away their 5th overall pick to the Saints and Brees heads to the Jets to play with higher quality receiver.  Just a theory, but it is a must to move Brees if the Saints truly want to rebuild the team because Brees could be gone in a few seasons.

In conclusion, the business of the NFL doesn’t protected anyone, but quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Geno Smith, and Robert Griffin III should be looking at other employment options.

Thanks for reading, check back next week for a new article!

– @raydunne21