With the NFL season starting tonight, I thought I better post my predictions now. Now I know you all read Addison’s preview of the NFC East and now you have to read mine. It was great, and this will be too, just different. Below are the standings I think we will see at the end of the season. Also I will post my MVP of this division. Here we go!!!!

1.  Philadelphia Eagles                                                                                                                         Prediction: 11-5

Now, some analysts have these guys flying all the way to the Super Bowl and to that I say, calm it down. The eagles are the best team in this division for a plethora of reasons. I think that they have the second best coach in the division, Chip Kelly, who has a better control of his offence than any other coach I can think of. They have the reigning champ in rushing yards, LeSean McCoy, who shows no sign of slowing down. The Eagles receivers are very good, although losing Jackson, as they have Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper and newbie Jordan Matthews. Also, they added Darren Sproles to their backfield to backup McCoy. This solid team will definitely win this mediocre, but somehow always coming down to the wire, division.

2. New York Giants                                                                                                                          Prediction: 8-8

Yes I am a huge Giants fan. Yes, Eli led the league in interceptions this year. Yes, he was awful in preseason. Yes, the Giants running game did zip last year. But, I still believe in the big blue. Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champ, and MVP and he won’t let what happened last year happen again. Although he lost Hakeem Nicks, he still has Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, and the first-round pick, Odell Beckham Jr.. The giants picked up Rashad Jennings and drafted Andre Williams to speed up their backfield. Also, the Giants defense is as good as ever. With JPP healthy, and with the former Pro-Bowl player, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, their pass defense is impeccable. Although they might not make the playoffs, they will be able to reach .500 this year.

3. Washington Redskins                                                                                                                                                                   Prediction: 8-8

After an EXTREMELY disappointing season last year, the Redskins look to bounce back and become the team to talk about (and not just because of their controversial name). I believe that RGIII will not go back to his 2012 self, but not be nearly as bad as he was last season. He is getting smarter and smarter every game. However, he has to play wit a first year head coach, Jay Gruden, which could cause trouble for the junior. Alfred Morris has to show that, like Griffin, he is NOT a one hit wonder. With help from Roy Helu, their backfield will have to be tough. The ‘Skins had a major pickup in the offseason grabbing their rivals top wide receiver, DeSean Jackson. RGIII now has two very content receivers (Jackson, Garcon) to throw the pigskin too. With all of this good, comes some bad. The loss of London Fletcher will be huge for the defense and change it dramatically. I think with a young defense and an inexperienced coach, these guys have an average season.

4. Dallas Cowboys                                                                                                                        Prediction 7-9

Jerry Jones has made the Cowboys the most talked about team online, but not in a good way. No matter how good they do, no matter how much money they spend, no matter how many guarantees Jerry makes, they always miss the playoffs by one game. Year after year they lead the division and then end up blowing it! Put all of this to the side, their team is not bad, well their offence at least. No matter how many times we make fun of Romo in a day, we can’t deny that he is a solid quarterback. In the first three quarters of games he looks just as good as anybody, but that fourth quarter is the reason that people call him a “choke artist”. DeMarco Murray is a huge weapon and with Dallas’ strong offensive line, look for Murray to do some real damage this year. Not to mention that Dez Bryant, one of the top wide receivers in the league (the best if you ask Dez), also is as confident as ever and is ready to kick so more butt. However with their losses of DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee, their defense looks like a middle school defense, just horrific. The only way the Cowboys make the playoffs is if Tony Romo becomes a fourth quarter player, and that is definitely not happening this year.



If Foles plays the level of football he did last year, then there is no way the Eagles don’t make the playoffs. His leadership and calmness in the pocket is unheard of for such an inexperienced player, but it is there and he could be the real deal.

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