NCAA Coaches that will jump to the NFL

If you’re a football coach or a coaching junkie (maybe both if you’re me), you always wonder who will jump to the next level. Let’s look at five college coaches who are ready to jump to the NFL.

David Shaw- Stanford
NFL experience: Yes (Baltimore Ravens WR Coach 2005)
Best Strength: Game planning
Shaw has done an excellent job making his name in a light of Stanford coaches that include his father Willie, Bill Walsh, Jim Harbaugh, and Dennis Green. Shaw’s game planning skills are excellent. Despite two losses, he’s prevented Oregon from reaching the BCS championship two years in a row, and is a master at connecting with players.

Brian Kelly- Notre Dame
NFL experience: No
Best Strength: Recruiting, leadership, and game planning
Before anyone mentions him, the obvious question is where can you go from Notre Dame? The NFL’s the only legitimate option. Kelly has resurrected the Notre Dame program. Though Notre Dame failed to reach the BCS title game again, Kelly has had success everywhere he goes. Why not try the NFL Brian?

Mark Helfrich- Oregon
NFL Experience: No
Best Strength: Offensive Mind
Well thanks to the great innovator Chip Kelly is and the Philadelphia Eagles, the spread option offense works in the NFL. This is a major gateway for coaches who run this. Helfrich has done an excellent job taking over for Chip Kelly as well. The Ducks still are a strong offensive team, and have a very strong place amongst college football. More teams will look for a Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich offers that.

Kevin Sumlin- Texas A&M
NFL experience: No
Best Strength: Motivation and discipline
Despite the whole Johnny Manziel conflict, I still say Sumlin is a master motivator and excellent discipline coach. Many teams in the NFL are looking for disciplinarians and motivators like Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy. Kevin Sumlin brings that to job interviews and teams will want him,

Bo Pelini- Nebraska
NFL experience: Yes (New England Patriots LB Coach 1997-1999, Green Bay Packers LB Coach 2000-2002)
Best Strength: Discipline and defensive mind
Wait, he was in danger of losing his job. Despite Husker fans calling for his head, Pelini’s still a great coach. His defensive scheme can work if he has the right staff and personnel. His fieriness brings a lot to the league and is a defensive version of Jim Harbaugh.

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