NBA East Conference Prediction


Since the NBA is starting tonight, I thought it would be a good idea to give a prediction of what the seeds might be in the playoffs for the Eastern Conference.  Many things will go into account, and I will not biased to the teams I like.  This is arguably the most anticipated NBA season in a very long time.  There are so many good and promising teams so this prediction was very hard to make.  I hope you enjoy


1. Miami Heat

Nothing really to say other than the fact that LeBron James is too good.  Not to mention they have 2 futures Hall of Famers besides James.  Whether this big 3 will last another year will be an ongoing question throughout the season.  Prediction: 3peat; Lebron for MVP

2. Chicago Bulls

I was nervous about putting the Bulls this high.  But, Derek Rose isn’t known to be a very outspoken person.  He is constantly telling us that he is the best player in the NBA now, and how he is better then he ever was.  Think back to 2 years ago to when the Bulls were the one seed.  This is a very scary team.  Prediction: Derek Rose will bring this team to the Conference Finals

3.  Indiana Pacers

They would be the 2 seed, if Danny Granger’s health improved, but the pacers continue to play without Granger and will have to do that for at least 3 more weeks. But, they didn’t loose anyone in the offseason, and added role players such as Chris Copeland. Prediction: Paul George will be a MVP candidate and a starting All Star.


4. Brooklyn Nets

I wasn’t convinced that adding KG and Pierce would bring them ahead of the Knicks, but their bench is what put them ahead.  Having AK47 and JET are coming off your bench is a huge bonus.  It also takes pressure off of Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson.             Prediction: First round exit; KG feud with either Lopez or Joe Johnson

5. New York Knicks

The Knicks offseason was a huge downfall.  They lost Kidd, Wallace, and Copeland.  But, I don’t think that will make the Knicks much worse then what they were last year.  Carmelo will exceeds people’s expectations and silence his critics.  Prediction: Stoudimire gets traded; 2nd round exit

6. Washington Wizards

John Wall is a top 10 point guard in this league, and with the addition of Gortat, they will definitely make the playoffs.  Bradley Beal had a great preseason, and Trevor Ariza said he had been working on his game more then he ever has been.  If this team can connect, they could maybe be even higher.  Prediction: First round exit, John Wall is an All-Star 

7. Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta rebounded after losing Josh Smith.  They signed Paul Millsap to play alongside Al Horford.  Jeff Teague is also starting to play like a top point guard.  If Teague has a season like Jrue Holiday had last year, the Hawks might go higher then the Wizards. Prediction: First round loss, Larry Drew gets fired

8.  Detroit Pistons

Detroit had a great off-season signing Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings.  Andre Drummond is a future star, and he plays well with Greg Monroe.  Josh Smith will have to try to play more of a small forward role, which is different then what he did in Atlanta. Prediction: First round exit; gets a game off of Miami

9. Cleveland Cavaliers

It was very hard to leave them out of the playoffs but there are a couple things we don’t know.  How will Andrew Bynum play after missing a season? Will Kyrie finally stay healthy for a season?  Also, LeBron rumors might be a distraction.  Too many question marks this year. Prediction: Miss the playoffs by around 4 games; Kyrie is an all-star                                                                                                           

10.Milwaukee Bucks

Nothing more then an average team.  They lost their 2 best players, but got OJ Mayo.  It’s not as much as they got a lot worse, it is just that other teams got a lot better.  Prediction: 36 wins

11. Boston Celtics

Although they are trying to rebuild and get good draft picks, they still aren’t THAT bad.  Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the league in my opinion.  They still have Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green, Humphries, and a promising player in Kelly Olynyk. Prediction: Rajon Rondo breaks the record for the most triple-doubles in a season.

12. Orlando Magic

This team is actually very promising.  They just need a bench.  Jameer Nelson is still a good statistical player.  Tobias Harris is one of the most underrated players in the NBA.  His numbers after being traded to the Magic have been incredible. Nikola Vucevic is an up incoming star, and Oladipo is the best player from this year’s draft.  Prediction: Oladipo wins the Rookie of the Year Award

13.  Toronto Raptors

Rudy Gay is still a solid player and they got some good additions in the off-season with Steve Novak and Tyler Hansbrough.  Kyle Lowry can play well at times, so not all is bad for the Raptors. Prediction: 27 wins this season           

14.  Charlotte Bobcats

The team could be worse.  Walker and Jefferson could be a good team and surprise some people.  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist also is pretty good.  Other wise this team is very bad. Prediction: Jefferson will regret coming to Charlotte; 25 wins 

15. Philadelphia 76ers

This team has terrible luck.  Two years in a row, they have made trades for big men (Bynum and Noel, respectively) and each time they were injured.  Noel might miss this entire season for an injury.  They traded their only good player (Holiday) for him, so nothing is going right for this team. #Tankforwiggens  Prediction: 2nd pick in the draft and gets Jabari Parker


I hope you liked my picks and let me know if you want to discuss any of them.  My twitter handle is @icapell98.  Be sure to watch tonight!

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