Mark Sanchez to Philly?

Officially, no deal is currently being discussed, but it’s likely that former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will be the backup to Nick Foles in Philadelphia. The Eagles are strongly considering signing Sanchez, but they are first gathering more information on his injured shoulder. He was released by the Jets with a failed physical, even though he recovery from shoulder surgery is ahead of schedule.

If all of his medical reports are positive, the Eagles will likely pursue a contract with Sanchez. The Eagles and Jets may complete the swap of quarterbacks after the Jets signed Michael Vick last week, but the NFL Network reported that the New York Giants and St. Louis Rams may also be in the running for Sanchez. It will be very interesting to watch this situation pan-out.

As far as the Eagles are concerned, signing Sanchez as a backup would be an excellent move. Whether the Eagles front office wants to admit it or not, Sanchez is a far better backup than Matt Barkley. Philadephia would likely prefer a backup who’s been through every possible off the field situation and has seen action in two AFC Championship games, versus Barkley, a backup who threw three interceptions in eight minutes against the worst defense in the NFL and has less experience then Foles.

Mark Sanchez would thus be the perfect backup for Nick Foles and if Foles were to get hurt, Sanchez would give the Eagles a better chance to keep winning than Barkley would. In his final years as starter for the Jets, the entire team was horrible, so forget about the entire “butt fumble” play (even though it was hilarious). Think about what Sanchez would bring to the Eagles when it comes to helping the young Foles win right away, because Sanchez himself won in the National Football League right away.

Even though no deal is in the making yet, the Eagles should definitely consider signing Mark Sanchez as their backup if he is healthy. He brings more to the table than Barkley and generates less controversy than Vick. Yes, Vick was probably a better fit for Chip Kelly’s system, but during his time running that system last year, he was ineffective and continued to turn the ball over while getting injured. Should Foles go down, Sanchez will actually have an offensive line along with weapons at every offensive position, neither of which he had during his time with the Jets.

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