Ken Whisenhunt Now A Titan~ Thoughts and Ramifications

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Music City Miracle Workers have grabbed Ken Whisenhunt from San Diego. Most people know Whisenhunt as the former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, where with the help of Kurt Warner, he led the team to the Super Bowl in 2009, in which the Cards took the Steelers down to the wire, but lost in a thriller.
There is no doubt that Ken Whisenhunt has the credentials of a sensational head coach. He knows different offensive plays like the back of his thumb, and the Xs and Os of quarterbacking and its properties. It was no surprise to anyone that a major team was looking for him, however, most thought it would be the Detroit Lions snatching him. The Lions, would have been a terrific landing spot for the offensive minded coach. Now, Detroit has lost out on their top target, and have a messy situation on their hands as January rolls on.
After this hiring, many expect many more dominoes to fall, with Minnesota, Cleveland, and Detroit possible picking their next head coaches in the next few days.
Whisenhunt will be able to work with the still young Jake Locker in the upcoming year, trying to break out of his shell as an elite quarterback in the league. The former Washington Huskie has shown many flashes so far, but needs to stay healthy, and needs another weapon down the field, that the new Whisenhunt-led team will try to get in the upcoming draft.The Titans do have Nate Washington, who is very good in his own right, but really don’t have that elite receiver to break defenses apart, and still have some mishaps on the O-Line. Tennessee had some breakouts in their defense this year, with DT Jurrell Casey simply ravaging opposing team’s offensive lines and getting to the QB, and defensive back Alterraun Verner having 5 interceptions on the year, good enough for 5th in all the NFL. Bernard Pollard, TT’s big offseason acquisition, adjusted nicely on LP Field, and led the team in tackles.

However, there are still some things that need to be addressed. Whether or not to cut Kamerion Wimbley, who has not been a fit on the Tennessee D-Line during his stay, let Kenny Britt go, calm down ‘star’ running back Chris Johnson (who recently had a hissy fit about the organization was wasting his career away), and making sure Locker is the quarterback of the future.

Whisenhunt can’t do it all by himself. He is an offensive-minded coach, as mentioned before, and will need to find the perfect guy to be defensive coordinator for his new staff. Does he stick with Jerry Gray? We have our doubts. Why not Wade Phillips? Or is that a pipe-dream? We shall see in the upcoming days.

All we can say is, Whisenhunt is walking into a reasonably decent situation. He has pieces around him, and an upcoming draft to add to his corp. Whether or not he can glue it all together remains to be seen. All we can do is watch. Will there be Music City Miracles to come in the next year?

Watch and wait.

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