Are the Giants Done?

Everyone expected the New York Giants to be a playoff contender and to compete for the NFC East division title this season. Unfortunately for Giants fans like myself, they have done the exact opposite. The Giants have zero wins and 6 losses, their worst start since 1976. To make matters worse, Eli Manning is leading the NFL with 15 interceptions.

The Giants have had a embarrassing start to their season so far. Having been outplayed by the Philadelphia Eagles with a score of 36-21, crushed by the Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 31-7, and most notably, a shutout lost to the Carolina Panthers with a score of 38-0 are just some of those embarrassing losses.

Their offense has been horrendous. So far this season they are ranked 30th in the league in points scored (17.2), 30th in the league in rushing yards per game (67.8), and in the bottom half of the league with a ranking of 17th in total yards per game (340 yards).

The Giants’ defense is arguably worse. From their past six games, they are ranked 24th in yards allowed per game (391.3), 20th in passing yards allowed per game (268), and ranked 26th in rushing yards allowed per game (123.3).

Many sports analysts and others have been saying all of the season’s failures are blamed by Eli Manning. Even though Eli is leading the league in interceptions, and has been making some questionable mistakes, I would not put all the blame on his shoulders. The receivers and Manning are not clicking together, the defense has been shockingly awful, rushing the ball has not been working out, and Tom Coughlin has not done the greatest job motivating this team to start winning.

Many people are also saying Eli Manning should be benched for his performances these last six games. I 100% disagree. Again, like I said, it is not all Manning’s fault for the team’s losses. Manning gives the Giants the best chance to win football games, not Ryan Nassib who is only a rookie and has yet to make a NFL regular season start, or Curtis Painter who would provide no help if he started instead of Manning.

Many Giants fans were hoping for a great start to this season, but now, many fans will say all playoff hopes are lost. Personally, I think the opposite. As bad as they have been, the Giants can definitely still turn their season around. Eli Manning is a top ten overall quarterback in the NFL and will turn his game around, and I still think the Giants have the chance to be .500 this year.

Can they still win the division? Possibly, but the chances are extremely slim. I do not think any team in the NFC East will win more than eight or nine games, and this gives the Giants a good chance to at least scare the Cowboys or the Eagles for the division crown and a playoff birth if they start winning some football games soon.

Overall, I think the Giants will turn it around this season. Not only that, but I think they will also get a win against the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings at home in MetLife Stadium on Monday. This will finally give the Giants some motivation to aim for the NFC East crown, and it will also start to get the Cowboys and Eagles a little nervous about their chances to win the title as well.

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