30 Ballparks in 30 Days: Nationals Park

We head back down south to the nation’s capital at Nationals Park, home of the Nationals. The park opened in 2008 when the Nationals decided to move out of RFK stadium. The team opened up with a 3-2 walk off win against the Atlanta Braves. The park is right on the Potomac River and has some unique baseball aspects.

One of the major aspects is the mascot race. It takes place during the seventh inning stretch in which Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Abe Lincoln,Thomas Jefferson, and William Howard Taft. Roosevelt is the crowd favorite despite the fact he never wins. This is a tradition that dates back to the RFK days. The Nationals also have plenty of mascot events throughout the year.

The Nationals will be interesting to watch under new manager Matt Williams, and the park can hold many people. The Nationals only sell a portion of tickets to visiting fans due to an incident in 2011, in which Phillies fans took over the park. Since then, popularity of baseball in DC has increased.

This park doesn’t offer much but it’s a great spot to visit. Tomorrow we visit Turner Field, the home of the Braves.


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