30 Ballparks in 30 Days: Marlins Park

Today we head down to south beach to the baby of all parks. Marlins Park in Miami opened in 2012 and the park was supposed to hold a team with sky high expectations. The 2012 Marlins ended up sinking to the bottom of the division and soon enough the league. The park sits roughly 37 thousand people, but many of those seats are left open. The park gets a fair amount of visiting fans but not many Marlins fans.

The park holds some unique sights such as the huge aquarium behind home plate. The glass is also extremely strong, so nothing will happen if a foul ball or wild pitch hits it. In center field, there is a huge home run sculpture. The mural is said to be based off of the Bermuda Triangle’s depictions. The mural contains sea creatures that move around the mural when the Marlins hit a home run. The park also holds home to the bobble head museum and it does contain almost every baseball bobble head imaginable.

Marlins Park is pretty nice. It should fill up when the Marlins get back to being a contender. Tomorrow we head to the south side of Chicago to US Cellular Field, home of the White Sox.

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