30 Ballparks in 30 Days: Citi Field

We are headed back to the Big Apple. Let’s take the train into Flushing. We’re heading to the other baseball palace in New York Citi Field. Citi Field is friendly for a variety of reasons. The ballpark also has some of the best general concessions and some pretty unique features.

If you are interested in anything with baseball cards, visit the Heroes and Heritage store. The store has a variety of Mets and other MLB cards, plaques, and photos. It is also the team’s official game used memorabilia store. This is a stop that is perfect for collectors.

The official team store is located behind home plate.You can expect to find a dazzling amount of Mets apparel and a fan friendly service. If their is one thing Citi Field dominates in, it’s definitely hospitality. I forgot to mention this is a fan’s park. Fans get a good view of the action regardless of seating.

Some other closing features include the huge apple that rises when a Met hits a home run. This is a tradition carried over from Shea Stadium. The best place to get a good meal is definitely the shake shack as well. New York has a lot to offer and once the Mets get back to the top Citi Field will be packed. Tomorrow we head down to Philadelphia where we’ll loom at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Phillies.

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