30 Ballparks and 30 Days: Turner Field

Today we head down to Atlanta, Georgia. We are visiting Turner Field, a ballpark that Braves officials plan to leave in 2017 in order to play in Cobb County, an Atlanta suburb. Turner Field isn’t old at all. The ballpark is in phenomenal shape. It is only 18 years old, and despite the fact a man fell to his death a couple years ago, the park is very safe.

So why leave it? The ballpark served as one of the many facilities used when Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics back in 1996. A perfect way to show off the new park. It seats roughly fifty thousand people, and the Braves have had sustained success that they carried over from Fulton County Stadium. The Braves won 10 of their 14 straight National League East crowns at Turner Field. The highest number for attendance at a postseason game in team history was set there with a rousing 54 thousand people, and that does include the standing rooms.

The most runs ever scored in the stadium were by the Braves on October 5,2001 where the Braves beat the Florida Marlins (now Miami) 20-3. The fence over which Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run still stands as those driving to the park can see it in the parking lot. In 2005 the Braves spent ten million dollars on at what the time was the world’s largest high definition video board. Since then the Comcast Center in Philadelphia and AT&T Stadium in Dallas have passed the mark.

So I’m actually upset to see Turner Field go in a few years. I’m hoping the Braves realize that the state of Georgia doesn’t have the money for a new stadium either as the Falcons and Hawks are also on the list to acquire a new home. Tomorrow we head down to South Beach to visit Marlins Ballpark, home of the Miami Marlins.

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