29. Geno Smith, New York Jets (30)

The West Virginia graduate had a roller coaster season last year with more downs than ups.  If he continues to build upon the last 4 games of last season he may have a chance to be productive.  During that time he threw 4 touchdowns with 2 interceptions and 2 running touchdowns along with a 3-1 record.  Time is on his side as he is only 23 years old (24 in October). Last year, as I said earlier, was a struggle for Smith as he threw 12 touchdowns and an awful 21 interceptions.  Besides the stat line the Jets struggled along through the season finishing 6-10.  Here is my explanation for placing Geno Smith at 29th on my list:

1) Inconsistency

If you just take a look at his stats, it is extremely obvious he struggled to keep good going.  Even in games, he could lead a team down the field for a touchdown and then go 3 and out for the next five possessions.  Until late in the season, the rookie struggled and succeed through the first 12 games of 2013.  To get a little lower on the list he needs to be consistent.

2) Adjustments

From the time he breaks the huddle to when the play is completed, Geno Smith seems to stick to the original plan a little too much.  Many of his 43 sacks can be faulted on his stubbornness to stick with one play.  He places a lot of trust in the play callers and Smith really struggled with his changes and reading defenses.  When Geno Smith gets the football he is looking at the first read exclusively.  Until he sees it fail entirely, he wants to get it to that receiver no matter what.  This mindset needs to change and Smith has to keep all options open.  Once he puts all of this together he will lose sacks and interceptions and increase his dismal completion percentage.

3) Running

One positive coming out of last year was his running abilities.  He was very mobile in the pocket and was successful running with the football.  Smith averaged 5.1 yards per carry and had 6 touchdowns on the run last season.  These are great numbers for a guy who is primarily relied on to pass the ball.  The only thing Geno Smith could use some improvement in would be ball security.  Despite losing just 4 fumbles, he fumbled 8 times which is way too many even for the Jets who are famous for their fumbles (butt fumble).

One phrase describing what Geno Smith must do in 2014:

Be consistent.

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