24. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars (NR)

A surprise for many that know me because I typically favor the guys that have proved something to me.  The past two days I have based my rankings on pure potential based on analysis and seeing what kind of players EJ Manuel and Blake Bortles can become.  Blake Bortles is the only rookie quarterback ranked on my list because quite honestly if Gus Bradley doesn’t realize that Chad Henne isn’t the answer in Jacksonville then he will be getting a pink slip soon.  At only 22 years old, Blake Bortles has a much older approach to the game.  Here are three tools that could one day launch him to a top-10 quarterback:

1) On the run

If you watched ESPN at all before the draft, you saw the same Bortles highlights probably 50 times.  The ones where he looks like he is surely going to be sacked and then all of a sudden gets away.  What follows that athletic play is his amazing work on the run.  Once the play looks dead Bortles looks to flee, and moves out to the side.  Next he delivers a nice pass or keeps it and picks up a few yards. Keeping the play alive is one of the specialties that he possesses and will serve him well in the NFL,

2) Size

Size isn’t everything in the NFL, but the ones that have it are at a huge advantage.  At almost 6’5 and 230-235, Blake Bortles is a big boy.  This makes it difficult to bring him down and gives him good sight over the offensive linemen.  When a quarterback combines size and ability to escape the pocket and create plays, its deadly.

3) Consistency

At UCF, Bortles was the image of consistency. His stats almost mirror each other in the two years he started.  That’s why the Jaguars were so high on him because you know exactly what you are going to get week in and week out.  An attribute like this will push him ahead of Chad Henne in 2014 (or at the latest 2015) for good.

One phrase to describe what Blake Bortles has to do in 2014:

Win the QB competition.

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