22. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins (23)

This article is going to be a little different than all the rest.  The former Heisman winner out of Baylor isn’t the same quarterback that led the Redskins to the playoffs in 2012-2013.  Whether or not is a good thing remains to be seen.  The 24 year-old has greatly regressed since his ACL tear in the 2012-13 playoffs.  Here are 5 things that RG3 must do to rebound and get his career back on track.


Yes, he’s a great athlete and a skilled runner, but it’s not worth it to risk your body to gain an extra yard.  Unless that one yard decides a game, don’t injure yourself to get it.  One more injury could end Robert Griffin’s career because the belief in him post-injury is declining by the day.  He must avoid big hits and stay on the field.

2) Better reading of defenses

Last season, it was no coincidence that Washington faced twice the amount of blitzes when RG3 played. Griffin needs to use everything he has to keep himself upright and this means using effective audibles.  That means don’t be afraid to ask Roy Helu or Alfred Morris to block against blitzes.  Besides extra blocking, quick routes and increased agility help out as well.

3) Movement

Most people believe that Robert Griffin cannot be an effective quarterback without his incredible running abilities.  This is entirely not true.  The missing link to Griffin’s game is his movement and agility.  He was not able to move out of the pocket and avoid pressure.  That is a huge problem because the pressure forced bad throws and also ended up having Griffin taking big hits.

4) Weapons

IN 2012, Pierre Garcon and RG3 played great together and looked prime to become a productive duo for many years to come.  The potential is still there and now he is not the only established weapon on the roster.  Alfred Morris is developing (if not already) a top 10 running back in the NFL.  Roy Helu has been a decent back in the passing game for the Redskins.  The emergence of Jordan Reed also has been a positive, but the biggest help to Griffin is the prized free agent acquisition.  Desean Jackson is a star wide receiver.  He spreads defenses like no other which will help the running backs and gives RG3 more room to run.  The vertical threat he possesses is unlike any other in the league and he can burn you at any second.  This will change the entire dynamic of Washington’s offense.

5)  Taking Advantage

Nothing Robert Griffin has anymore is granted.  Kirk Cousins is ready.  If this season doesn’t work out for RG3, his Redskin days could be numbered.  Every snap, every pass, every game cannot go to waste. The time is now for Griffin to reestablish himself or fade away.

One phrase that describes what Robert Griffin III has to do in 2014:

Play every snap like it’s your last.


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